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Defibrillator saves Jeffrey's life

St John Ambulance believe life saving defibrillators should be available in as many places as possible, particularly where sports are being played and hearts are being pushed to the limit.

Dianne Pearson saved her husband’s life when a workout at the gym nearly ended in tragedy.

Dianne had almost finished her workout when she saw staff rushing down the aisle. Realising something had happened; she was horrified to discover that the casualty was her husband, Jeffrey, who had collapsed.


Dianne and Colin, a leisure centre trainer, performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) while another member of staff raced to fetch a defibrillator. The automated external defibrillator diagnosed his condition and delivered a shock. Just before a second shock was delivered, Jeffrey’s pulse returned.

“Jeffrey used to joke with me that I should keep up my first aid training because I might need to use it on him one day” said Dianne, who has been a St John Ambulance trainer in Northampton for 16 years. “It goes to prove that time is of the essence, and without a defibrillator our story could have been very different.

Although Dianne is a trainer, defibrillators are so simple to use that anyone can operate them, whether they’re experienced in first aid or not. It’s impossible to cause any further harm and you could save a life.

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