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Defibrillator saves golferís life

 Garry Kerr and co-workers with their new defibrillator

Garry Kerr, from Haverhill, Suffolk, recently had his first aid skills put to the test when golfing with his son Ellis at Haverhill Golf Club. As they played their round, they were made aware of a fellow golfer whom they had met minutes earlier and who had collapsed nearby and was unresponsive.

Using his CPR knowledge, Garry delivered life saving chest compressions while Ellis ran to the club house to get assistance. After around 20 minutes of ongoing CPR a paramedic arrived and deployed a defibrillator which resuscitated the man, who has now made a full recovery. If it hadnít been for Garry and Ellisís quick reactions the result may have been very different.

Garry works as an E.H.S and Conversion Supervisor at flexible packaging company ProAmpac in Melbourn, Hertfordshire. His life saving actions so impressed his senior managers that they authorised the purchase of a new defibrillator from SJA Supplies to be installed in his workplace.

The company took delivery of a Zoll Fully Automatic AED a short while ago, which has now been installed in the on-site first aid room. Due to the fact that the Melbourn site operates on a 24/7 basis, the company also decided to make it a public access defibrillator and register it on the NHS database of defibrillators.

Garry said: ĎAfter our experience on the golf course it hits home and you re-evaluate things. I thought about work colleagues and how I could help. I approached my managers and they were fantastic and understood the importance of a defibrillator on-site. We now have a Zoll unit installed for the site and for the surrounding area.í

Garry was recently reunited with the man he saved and has also been on a defibrillator training course with St John Ambulance in Cambridge.

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