Traumafix® dressing - 15 x 18cm

Product Code: F11240
Discontinued: This product has now been discontinued, F90019 replaces this product.

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This is a highly absorbent dressing pad for major trauma wounds and injuries.

Size - 15 x 18cm

  • Absorbs over 10 times its own weight in fluid
  • Fast to use and apply direct pressure
  • Velcro fastening to secure in place
  • Highly absorbent non-adherent wound pad
  • Major bleeding can be stemmed quickly, allowing the casualty to be moved faster
  • High pressure bandage
  • Sterile.
Alternative products: Traumafix® dressing, 10 x 18cm, Asherman chest seal™ and QuikClot® 1st Response advanced clotting sponge.


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