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What is the children’s first aid kit?

This first aid kit is ideal for parents and carers of young children. Whether you’re at home or going for a day out, or long journey, the St John Ambulance children’s first aid kit is a vital part of your summer holiday gear to keep your child safe.

What’s in the first aid kit?

The children’s first aid kit contains the first aid supplies needed to treat a range of injuries including bumps, cuts, grazes, and bleeding. The bag has inner pockets so there’s lots of space for other important items you may want to add. As well as all of this, the pack includes some bravery stickers designed to encourage little ones to be treated when they need it.

Contents of the children’s first aid kit:

Do I need prior knowledge of first aid skills to use the children’s first aid kit safely?

You do not need prior first aid knowledge to use this kit, but it does include an advice booklet on how to treat a number of injuries using the kit.

Alternatively, we do offer a paediatric first aid course.

How many children is this kit suitable for?

We recommend having at least one first aid kit in the home.


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