Workplace first aid kit refill pack, BS-8599-1 compliant

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Discontinued: This product has now been discontinued

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This workplace refill kit is the ideal way to restock and replenish workplace first aid kits, ensuring you are compliant with British Standard BS-8599-1

Please note this product isn't specific to any first aid kit size and may not hold the exact quantities as your current first aid kit.

Please note, all our kits have a minimum of one year shelf life.


P95152K First aid in an emergency booklet – 2016 1
F90106 St John Ambulance medium first aid dressing, 12 x 12cm - sterile 4
F90107 HSE SJA Branded 18cm x 18cm - sterile 1
F11604 St John Ambulance disposable triangular bandage, 90 x 90 x 130cm - non-sterile 2
F90111 St John Ambulance first aid finger dressing, 3.5 x 3.5cm - sterile 2
F90121 St John Ambulance conforming bandage, 7.5cm x 4.5m - single 1
F12700 Safety pins assorted sizes - 6 pack 1
F90105 St John Ambulance no.16 eye pad first aid dressing - sterile 2
F94022 St John Ambulance washproof plasters, assorted sizes - pack of 10 4
F11509 Sterile cleansing wipes - 10 pack 2
F11207 Microporous tape, 2.25cm x 10m - single 1
F12634 St John Ambulance nitrile powder-free gloves - pair 6
F79066 St John Ambulance Revive-Aid 1
F06154 Disposable heat retaining adult foil blanket 1
F80001 Burnshield® dressing - 10x10cm 1
F11931 Tuff-Kut Scissors 1


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