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1. Tuff-Kut Scissors Tuff-Kut Scissors
Use for cutting clothing, seat belts and other materials in an emergency situation. [read more]
2. Dressing scissors - blunt/sharp Dressing scissors - blunt/sharp
An essential part of your first aid kit. [read more]
  • In stock
  • Price: 1.30  
3. Scissors - blunt/blunt Scissors - blunt/blunt
Blunt tipped scissors are an essential first aid kit accessory. [read more]
  • In stock
  • Price: 1.45  
4. Scissors - sharp/sharp Scissors - sharp/sharp
An essential part of any first aid kit. [read more]
  • Out of stock
  • Price: 0.75  
5. Metal Max PRO scissors Metal Max PRO scissors
Quality, single patient use shears. [read more]
  • In stock
  • Price: 12.20  
6. Match  2 compact emergency hammer Match 2 compact emergency hammer
Spencer has designed the Match 2 Compact emergency hammer, used for window breaking and seat belt cutting. A smart, light, compact and efficient instrument that guarantees elementary extrication operations. Easy to position thanks to its fixing system on walls just like a first aid instrument.
  • In stock
  • Price: 5.50  
7. Leather scissor pouch - kitted Leather scissor pouch - kitted
A real leather pouch filled with a variety of scissors and accessories to use easily when needed. [read more]
  • In stock
  • Price: 21.00  
8. Leather scissor pouch - unkitted Leather scissor pouch - unkitted
A real leather pouch especially designed to hold scissors and other essential equipment. [read more]
  • In stock
  • Price: 6.25  
9. Scissor Chain Scissor Chain
47cm plated
  • In stock
  • Price: 2.25  
10. Disposable razor blade - single Disposable razor blade - single
Keep this in your first aid kit or with your AED (Automated external defibrillator). [read more]
  • In stock
  • Price: 0.12  
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