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  • The 2015 St John Ambulance Supplies catalogue is now available

    Download or order a 2015 St John Ambulance Supplies catalogue. From first aid kits to defibrillators our new catalogue contains thousands of first aid and health and safety items to help keep your workplace safe.

  • Defibrillator saves Jeffrey's life

    We believe defibrillators should be available in as many places as possible, particularly where sports are being played and hearts are being pushed to the limit. Dianne Pearson saved her husband’s life when a workout at the gym nearly ended in tragedy.

  • Does your first aid kit contain expired products?

    Keeping products past their expiry date can be unsafe. Products will start to deteriorate and may not be effective. When was the last time you checked the products in your first aid kit?

Featured products

This best selling co-branded St John Ambulance/Koolpak® instant ice pack has our special assurance of quality and value for money. 13 x 28cm ...[read more]
Price: £0.67 until 31 Dec
Disposable heat retaining adult foil blanket
Disposable heat retaining adult foil blanket
A foil rescue survival blanket which helps retain body heat in survival, emergency and first aid situations....[read more]
Price from: £0.80
Large Alpha workplace compliant first aid kit BS-8599-1, St John Ambulance
Large Alpha workplace compliant first aid kit BS-8599-1, St John Ambulance
The large Alpha workplace compliant first aid kit conforms with new British Standard BS-8599-1:2011, designed for working environments. St John Ambulance branded. [read more]
Price: £29.00
Executive Panel Screen
Executive Panel Screen
The Executive folding panel screen, is portable and ensures patient privacy when used in a first aid or medical room....[read more]
Price: £330.00
Executive Examination Couch
Executive Examination Couch
This new couch has been designed to provide an exceptionally robust, sturdy couch with a modern look and coordinates with the executive trolley range and solid panel screen....[read more]
Price: £365.00
Burnshield® BurnVest (6-12 months)
Burnshield® BurnVest (6-12 months)
The innovative new BurnVest ensures:...[read more]
Price: £44.95
Littmann stethoscope
Littmann stethoscope
The Littmann stethoscope is a high quality stethoscope ideal for medical professionals to use on patients in schools, hospitals and GP practices. The 3M Littmann stethoscope is also compact and durable enough for transportation and use on patients in the home or at events. The double sided chestpiece gives the option of a tuneable diaphragm on the front or traditional bell on the reverse. Littmann stethoscopes are excellent diagnostic tools that can also be used alongside a sphygmomanometer for manual blood pressure monitoring. 3M Littmann stethoscope features: [read more]
Price: £68.00
Zoll® AED Plus semi-automatic defibrillator
Zoll® AED Plus semi-automatic defibrillator
Our best selling, full rescue, semi automatic AED. Simple displays and voice prompts guide the user through exactly what to do if someone goes into cardiac arrest. ...[read more]
Price: £999.00

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