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  • First aid kits

    The British Healthcare Trade Association (BHTA) which St John Ambulance is a member of has determined the appropriate first aid kits and their contents for workplaces. Ensure your workplace has the appropriate British Standards Institution (BSI) kit(s)

  • Defibrillator saves Jeffrey's life

    We believe defibrillators should be available in as many places as possible, particularly where sports are being played and hearts are being pushed to the limit. Dianne Pearson saved her husband’s life when a workout at the gym nearly ended in tragedy.

  • Does your first aid kit contain expired products?

    Keeping products past their expiry date can be unsafe. Products will start to deteriorate and may not be effective. When was the last time you checked the products in your first aid kit?

Featured products

Azowipe™  hard surface cleaner - 100 wipes
Azowipe™ hard surface cleaner - 100 wipes
AZOWIPE™ is a leading brand of 70% isopropyl alcohol disinfectant with over 30 years of heritage. It is NHS approved and is widely used in professional settings including healthcare areas such as casualty departments, operating theatres, GP surgeries, dental surgeries, laboratories, clean rooms and care homes. It is also widely used in non-health areas including food manufacturing, hospitality and catering, schools and educational community where infection prevention and control is a prime requirement....[read more]
Price: £2.72 until 28 Feb
Salvequick Blue Plaster Dispenser
Salvequick Blue Plaster Dispenser
Cederroth This unique dispenser puts an end to the age-old problem of plaster pilfering. When a plaster is pulled from the dispenser, one of the adhesive surfaces is left uncovered, which means it has to be used immediately....[read more]
Price: £16.00 until 28 Feb
Philips HeartStart® HS1 semi-automatic defibrillator
Philips HeartStart® HS1 semi-automatic defibrillator
Now anyone can save a life with the Heartstart® HS1 Semi-Automatic Defibrillator. Simple to operate, even an emergency first aider or a layperson with minimal training can use this defibrillator. [read more]
Price: £980.00
Large Alpha workplace first aid kit, St John Ambulance
Large Alpha workplace first aid kit, St John Ambulance
The large Alpha workplace first aid kit is compliant with new British Standard BS8599-1:2011, designed for working environments. St John Ambulance branded. [read more]
Price: £30.50

Uniform from Sugdens

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